Problem open graph facebook. No preview


I am having an annoying problem so I ask you for help.

From some weeks, suddenly, when I share any page (for example: ), the meta tags are no longer reported in the share, these elements are missing:
– Images I set as a sharing preview
– also all the various meta tags, starting with the title and description …

You can try too…

But, if i share an article from my blog (which is part of the site, for example: ) I have no problem …

Unfortunately is a randomic event.

It also happens to me that sometimes the Facebook Debugger tool collects my meta tags, but it’s only for a few seconds…
If I do the test immediately afterwards, I have the same problem again.

IMPORTANT: I suspect the problem may be related to cloud flare. I decided to change the dns by setting the record for our entire website to “only dns”. It’s correct? at the moment the problem persists.

can you help me?

Screen error

Is there someone who can help me?

I have a weird suggestion. Use a different ID at facebook while testing these url(not your own one). Do scrape twice and see if u get this error?
In case u don’t check all the url to reset facebook cache.

You mean a different Pixel id?
How do I scrape 2 times exactly?


No, Use a different facebook login id.
First scrape and scrape again same url. Do u see issue after that.

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