Problem on transfer domain between CF accounts

Hi! I have issues on transfer one of my domains to another CF account. I executed these steps from this article:

The steps:

  1. Create the new account.
  2. Create the existing domain from my old account.
  3. Logout from new account.
  4. Login to the old account.
  5. Delete the domain.
  6. Logout my old account.
  7. Login to the new account.
  8. The register information had an error and the domain cannot “Change the DNS” (because the register IS the CF)

What can I do to resolve my problem? My domain is down at the moment.

If you look at the guide that you linked:

Currently domains registered with Cloudflare Registrar cannot be transfered between Cloudflare accounts. We’re working to enable this capability.

You can not manage the domain from the new account.

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