Problem on subdomain

hello my friends
I create CNAME records. subdomain
I add name subdomain
and I add target
I couldn’t add in cname subdomain
An A, AAAA or CNAME record already exists with that host. (Code: 81053)

As it says, there’s an identical name already in DNS. Post a screenshot of you’d like us to take a look. Black out any IP addresses.

subdomain name is arthritis

Very first record in the list… an A record already exists with that name. If you want to replace the existing record, delete it and then add the new one.


I want to add creord cname arthritis

An A record already exists with that name. You can’t have both a CNAME and an A record with the same value.

I want to create subdomain for

please reply

@cscharff is suffering from stiffness in his fingers, and cannot use the keyboard right now. :grin:

Delete the A record for arthritis first, then create the CNAME for arthritis.


over there error Error 1016 Ray ID: 560863ed6829c061 • 2020-02-05 22:41:11 UTC”Error 1016” #CommunityTip

Hello, my friends
please, I want the correct answer about creating a subdomain
I create record CNAME for subdomain came error 10116
I did delete record CNAMEand i create record A came error 404 pages not found
i don’t understand why not working , Tired of trying
please, I want to solve this the problem

Your host should be able to tell you what your DNS record should look like. It might even be there in your hosts’s DNS settings page for your domain.

what can I do

Ask your website host.

What do I ask them?

Tell them this:


Don’t double post please.


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