Problem on a website and game. Error 1020


Im trying to fix the access to a game and website, the rest website in the world i can enter.

The problem is concering the web and game Tibia and says I cant enter game and says Error 1020.

How I can solve? Since the game is getting too much to solve the problem and I need to fix issues on game and website.

A 1020 means you’ve been blocked from that server.

That domain isn’t using Cloudflare name servers, but ‘www’ is routed through Cloudflare. Does it belong to you?

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No it doesnt, Im a consumer

In that case, you’ll have to contact the site/game owner to find out why you’re being blocked. If you include your home IP address in your communication to them, they should be able to track it down in their Cloudflare Firewall Event log.

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