Problem nameserver change and getting correct A record

Hi There!
Somewhat urgent! Anyone on the topic below?

Few hours ago I changed name servers from my provider to cloudflare.
Also setup the DNS, and added the A-record correctly and proxied.
I can see my DNS is pointing to cloudflare IP’s. So that seems to be fine.

Webserver is running, but when I load the browser no site is reached.
Get a screen, page isnt working, too many redirects.

Does this takes time? Or is there a failure somewhere, or do I need to be patient?

Change your SSL/TLS setting to Full (strict) here…

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This post, disabling HTTP redirects on the server solved the issue:
(Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS)

Also changed this to Fixed: using the self signed certificate of the server.

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