Problem moving domain from 1 CF account to another. cant connect to

Hi there,
we recently bought a domain. the previous owner had a zone file on his CF account.
we would like to move this domain to our CF account.
After succesful registrar change, we first deleted the domain from the previous owner CF account using

then we added it to our own CF account.
but now for some reason, the domain cant connect to the nameservers

we waited over a week but no luck.
please advise

Is there an error message? What do you mean it can’t connect?

Try looking at the ns record yourself. Go to Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email and search for
or run

dig ns

lol … of course i know dig. i dont think u understand the problem.

dig NS +short domain

This is weird… It says your first two posts here have been hidden.
You can probably just use @ or something to see what a standard dns server thinks your NS record should be.
So if the NS records show the wrong server then it seems to me like it’s configured wrong at the registrar.

i am writing replies, but they are being classified as spam :frowning:

its not configured wrong at the registrar. the registrar knows the problem,
and they also says its a CF problem.

at the moment, the NS of the domain are

i need to change them to clyde.*
but this wont happen no matter what we try.
this is a *.no domain

i only have the problem with this one

is dnssec on?
Do you have glue records?

It’s probably getting marked as spam because there are URLs in your posts. I’m not sure how to prevent that from happening though without using the preformatted text thing.

no glue records.

its like the domain is still registered to the old CF account nameservers, and until this purges itself we cant add the domain to our Cloudflare account.
its been 2 weeks. the domain still has an existing zone file on charles.*.ns
even though i personally purged&deleted the domain from the old account

I guess I’m still foggy on what’s going on. So if you run dig @ ns domain right now you get If you try to put the new nameserver clyde into your registrar you start getting charles back when you look up the NS record?

yes … almost.
dig @ NS domain
will return the current ns which is a.ns14.*

the request to change ns to clyde.* is there ongoing as we speak for the last 2 weeks
but this ns change request never happens. yes there is a zone file on the relative clyde.* account

my guess is that a CF tech can remove the zone on charles.* manually or something.
its like the cache never updated on charles.* , and therefore we cant set up a new CF zone on clyde.*

Mind if I ask what the domain is?
Also I think I understand now… You can’t just set NS records to any old value like you can with CNAMEs and stuff. It has to point to a name server that has stuff for your zone right? There is some kind of validation going on and it won’t let you set it to clyde?
You might have to ask Cloudflare directly:

but is it allowed to post the domain here ?
ive never used this community before.

not sure… that’s a good question.
I don’t see anything about it here:
I don’t see why not.

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