Problem monitor Batter Stack

Batter Stack shows a problem with DNS and Ping. I don’t understand what the problem is because my site is working normally

Pictures of the problem:

If the site is working normally, then the reporting (“batter stack”, whatever that may be) is not working OK and/or not correctly configured.

The site seems to work OK but the server does not respond to ping. This is not necessarily an issue (some servers block ICMP messages completely, or just block ping), but of course if your “batter stack” is configured to check for ping, then it will obviously report an issue.

In short: first decide when an issue is an issue :), and then configure your monitoring accordingly. For web sites, it’s better to use some “web ping” (httping or such), as this is what matters. Users don’t (generally) care if a host replies to ICMP packets.

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