Problem migrating a .IT domain from one cloudflare account to another


I had a .IT domain set up in a cloud flare account.

I wanted to move it to another cloudflare account, so I deleted it from the old account and then added it to the new account.

The nameservers that cloudflare told me to set up where different on the new account. This is where the problems start.

Old nameservers were: edna and george.
New nameservers are: linda and rick.

The domain in question is an .IT domain. It seems that setting nameservers for these domains follows a different methodology to standard TLDs.

When I set the new nameservers on the domain, this triggers a validation query known as an NSCompareTest.

This test fails because the old Cloudflare nameservers are reported instead of the new ones.
To explain exactly what I mean the results are here:

I somehow need to get Cloudflare to update their internal system to report the new NS records instead of the old ones. But I have no idea how to get in touch with someone. I’ve tried everything with my registrar and they keep saying that Cloudflare need to make the change.

Can anyone help?



Thats a common issue with .it domains (as well as .de and .dk and a few others).

You’d need to contact either the registry or Cloudflare and have the nameservers forcibly changed. Registries are typically useless and unwilling to help, so the most likely scenario is to contact Cloudflare.

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How do I contact cloudflare? If I click contact it brings me to this community space. I can’t see any contact forms or email addresses…



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