Problem Logging into WordPress

I have just installed the Cloudflare plugin onto my WordPress, and I am pleased with the way it works. The problem is I have 2FA on my WordPress login page. When I log in with my username and password, the Cloudflare Captcha appears and I tick the box. The next dialogue is to request the 2FA code. I can enter the code, but Cloudflare prevents me from logging in after this. How can I get Cloudflare to work on the WordPress login screen with 2FA enabled, without switching Cloudflare off for the WordPress login? My 2FA is set up using Wordfence. Do I have to disable 2FA in Wordfence?

Thank you, newaquarius555 for your help, but I think I have found the solution myself. I installed the Easy Cloudflare Turnstile plugin and the problem was created when I tried to log in. Since posting on this forum, I uninstalled Easy Cloudflare Turnstile plugin and installed the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile. This resolved the login issue and I now am very pleased with the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile plugin.

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