Problem logging into Cloudflare

Hey, I’m trying to log into my account and it’s saying to look at the email address I have on record for an email but there’s no email in there from Cloudflare.

I can’t contact support because I have to login in order to contact them.

Anyone else have this problem? Why wasn’t I sent an email? How can I get around this and make sure I don’t need to do this nonsense again?

  • Matt

You can just send an email to support AT cloudflare DOT com.

Once you do that, let us know the generated ticket number here.

Here’s the ticket number, thank you…


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BTW, I’m finally starting to get the token emails but none of them are working, it says the code doesn’t match

Hi Matt - checking the logs on our side, your mail service provider is delaying the delivery of e-mails to you.

I suspect what you’re seeing now is the backlog of e-mails arriving slowly as your provider accepts them. Likely these tokens will have already expired.

I suggest contacting your e-mail provider to understand why they’re delaying these e-mails - the response they are giving us is:

451 Temporarily unable to process your email. Please try again later.

Once you get that resolved you should be able to log in without issue.

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I also forgot to add - we will send e-mail tokens when your account doesn’t have 2-Factor Authentication set up via any other method - we would definitely recommend you configure a 2FA method by using your phone or a hardware key. This way you can be secure and not need to be at the mercy of e-mail delivery:

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