Problem logging in from headless Raspberry Pi

I’m working on a project based around a Raspberry Pi, which is running a prebuilt image from Openwebrx.
I want to set up a tunnel to allow access to a server on the Pi even though the internet connection for the Pi is a 4G service, i.e. issues with IP addresses and so on.
It’s been ok so far, but I’ve run into a wall with this:

vk2stg@openwebrx:~ $ sudo cloudflared tunnel login
Please open the following URL and log in with your Cloudflare account:

Leave cloudflared running to download the cert automatically.
Failed to write the certificate due to the following error:
Get "": dial tcp: lookup on read udp> i/o timeout

Your browser will download the certificate instead. You will have to manually
copy it to the following path:

Get "": dial tcp: lookup on read udp> i/o timeout

And I can’t get it to work! The Pi has no browser, and is accessed via SSH so I copied and pasted the link to my PC’s browser, logged in, and it tells me a certificate has been downloaded. But it’s not on the Pi, nor on my PC.
Any pointers would be much appreciated.
The Pi is currently on my home network, which is also ‘powered’ by 4G… just in case that is relevant.

vk2stg@openwebrx:~ $ cloudflared -v
cloudflared version 2023.5.1 (built 2023-05-24-0625 UTC)

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OK, I eventually found the issue with some help from a new friend. I have an as yet unsolved issue with my DNS, updating the Pi to use a public Google DNS solved the issue for now.



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