Problem ip propagation of records

we have some issue with record that redirect to @ip all our record are not correct the propagation of adresse ip is not correct we aleady redirected to\\ that we don’t have and we don’t configure

When you are having Proxied (:orange:) records, they will replace the IP addresses to the public with Cloudflare IP addresses, so that Cloudflare can protect and serve you.

You can move a record to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only, which will make the public see the actual IP address that you enter in the DNS dashboard, but doing so, will make any traffic flow directly to the server you have set there, and not over Cloudflare.

With Unproxied (:grey:), Cloudflare simply serves as a DNS provider, and you won’t have any kind of functionality that Cloudflare otherwise would be able to provides on top of your site.

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