Problem installing cloudflared on windows

Downloaded the current version of cloudflared to my windows machine, and running it just opened an empty black window and didn’t do anything for over 10 minutes.

cloudflared is intended to run inside terminal with extra parameters provided. It’s not a double-click-and-install program.

In fact, cloudflared does not need to be “installed”.

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I had same issue make sure you allow require ports.

Ensure that the machine’s firewall permits egress (outbound) on ports 80, 443, and 3389, otherwise cloudflared will return an error.

I believe you are referring to port 7844 right :wink:

But in cloudflared documentations it’s this ports

Clarified with Cloudflare Support team, port 3389 is mentioned because it’s required to configure RDP tunnels.

But port 7844 is also required to communicate with the Cloudflare network to establish tunnels.

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