Problem in Website Cache

Hi everyone

We have a unknown problem. I have a website added to Cloudflare . The website write in C# and SQL server. For example , I have a page named Dashboard.aspx , I have delete the whole code from Dashboard.aspx.cs and saved it , After the page reload , it should not reload anything on page and nothing should read from DB but it load the values from pervious version. Can you tell me where is problem? Is it for DNS setting or Cache setting or other things? Please help me where is problem because it take 2 days and my website did not work well.

Thx very much

Try putting your domain into Development Mode from the Overview page at This will bypass Cloudflare caching. Though Cloudflare doesn’t cache page content by default.

Dear sdayman

I have done this solution many times but it’s not effected . I don’t know what should I do

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