Problem in the recorder

I’m having a problem with the registrar, I’m using the putty software and it’s showing up for me to check the registrar, because in cloudflare settings, unknown recorder appears. Please, I need urgent help.

Cloudflare saying “unknown” is not much of an issue.

What is the exact problem and what’s the domain?


when I use the putty software to install wordpress, when I put the code and this domain, the putty tells me that something is wrong, so I can check the registration. I already spoke with the company that was my domain, and there is nothing wrong, I made the domain transfer correct. But the problem is with you, I did all the transfer and the correct configuration. Something is wrong. And I don’t know what to do.

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That domain is configured for Cloudflare (without proxies), however SSH is not Cloudflare related. Typically, Wordpress is set up via the browser and not SSH but I am afraid that won’t be a Cloudflare issue and hence will be off-topic for here.

What exactly is the error?

For I’m taking a course and the teacher taught me how to do this, step by step, using the putty software, with the code he passed on, he managed to install wordpress, the same way i’m trying to do and everything worked out. I need some help!!!

I am afraid you will need to talk to your host or your web developer here. StackExchange might also be able to help. For the forum here the topic is unfortunately off-topic.