Problem in Subscription for Yearly Billing

Last week, when I logon to Cloudflare and it has a notice on changing into Yearly Billing for saving 20% on the bill.
I clicked on it and proceed to change to Yearly Billing.
Because my organisation has multiple domains, our owned domains, and customer domains that we managing for our customer.

During my update to Yearly Billing, I have double and triple checked only change Yearly Billing for 2 of the domains, while other to be remain as Monthly Billing.
However, today when I go to the Subscription page, it shows Yearly Billing for my customer domains, but my owned domains remain as Monthly Billing.

I have also raised a P3 ticket but after 24 hours waited and no response or follow up from Cloudflare.
Now, the interface not allow me to revert the changes, and I am stucked.
My ticket number is: #3259973

today after another 24H still no reply / response from Cloudflare support team.