Problem in subdomain dns (MX name validity)

hi, i have VPS for a main web site and buy host just for Mail…

buy host for : and create email
Send Email from [email protected] it’s true… but receive no

pls check image

who can me …

I believe you were trying to put as the MX record, it should be a FQDN, not an email address there.

I’m unclear if this means you have a single VPS which serves both the website and mail or if you bought a second server just for mail separate from the website. Based on your screenshot I assume both are on the same server.

  1. The host for mail should be :grey:, cloudflare does not proxy SMTP traffic for :orange: records.
  2. The Mx name when creating it should be @ (for serving the apex domain e.g. [email protected]) and the target/content should be the FQDN of the server, in this case likely

sry again check

it’s ok?

Should I create an cname?
I have an VPS, and I have a host for email.
Only :
A record : mail(name) | Ip
TXT (3)
mx : (name) and ( Content )
it’s true?
Do I need to do something else?

$ dig -t mx +short
0 [email protected]

your MX is still “[email protected]”, which is not a valid DNS name.
In your screenshot it’s “”, but for some reason those changes have not been committed yet.

Check again.

Re-add the MX record… It seems as it it’s not enabled still.

@cloonan can you take a look from the team’s side?

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