Problem in SSL

I added a domain in Cloudflare
But I can’t active SSL for this domain!!!

My SSL page have not SSL Status

My other domains (10 domains) are OK and no problem.
But this domain is not OK!!!


Sorry for the issues.

Have you waited for 24 hrs for the cert to issue?

If so, and it is still not working, can you scroll down that page to the ‘Disable Universal SSL’ option, disable it, wait a few minutes and enable it again. Give it another 24 hrs and then please update us on where you are at with it and whether the cert is active.

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Thanks for your reply
I added 4 days ago.

But now I use from your second way (Disable Universal SSL) and wait.
Now status is: Certificate Pending Validation

I’ll wait for 24 hours.

Thanks again

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It’s works


Great - glad to hear it is working for you now :slight_smile:


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