Problem in setup CDN in subdomain

Sir, we have setup on domain and subdomain, but our first subdomain site is connected to the CDN of cloudflare but our second subdomain suite is not connected.
Sir, please help to find the solution of this problem.

What is the full subdomain name?

our subdomain name

That domain is not using Cloudflare. Its name servers are set to GoDaddy and it is not proxied by Cloudflare. However, that subdomain does load.

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Ya Sir i know, i do disintegrated because our learnings subdomain doesnt setup manually or automatically.
So Sir, can you help me to setup cdn in subdomain of main domain site.

Not if that domain isn’t using Cloudflare. To use Cloudflare, you need Cloudflare name servers and the same DNS records here as you have at GoDaddy.

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sir we have setup the cdn and now its working.
Sir we want to put ssl, how to put the ssl on website of,
After setup of cdn in, not much improve in the load time of the our website.
And sir if we are upgrade the plan, so what benefits we are get ?

TTFB is pretty high for the page source itself. That delay comes from your server. Once the CDN at Cloudflare is populated, those resources load much quicker. But it’s a large site with many resources.

While Cloudflare can help your static resources load much quicker, it can not speed up your server, nor make the site code more efficient. The waterfall view below continues for a while. As you can see, the first file comes from your server and takes nearly five seconds. Everything else is quick, but every element adds a delay.

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