Problem in loading website in IOS device

hi, i recently add Cloudflare CDN to my website and work very well. but in IOS device, safari can not load my website, but when use the VPN site load normaly. please help me to fix this. thanks

Domain? And are you possibly located in Iran?

Unfortunately yes

In this case:

thank you for helping sandro, in fact this problem by iraninan goverment created, and no way for fix this problem?

I have to admit I did not look thoroughly into the issue, but from what it seems it appears local ISPs are made to interrupt certain TLS sessions. If that really is the case there is little you or Cloudflare can do I am afraid.

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If Cloudflare provides the possibility of using the Universal (Shared) certificate, it will no longer be a problem.
example websites worked with Universal (Shared) certificate: -> certificate issued to

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