Problem in accessing the site without VPN when cloudflare is active!


the issue is similar to this thread:

iphone users can’t load website without a VPN, unless we disable cloudflare. I hope clouldflare would care enough to solve the problem. so far I can see this is the third time it’s been reported during the past month.


Sorry, but thats somewhat of a bold statement. I doubt that is a Cloudflare issue at all, there is no evidence to that in the thread you linked either.

I assume your users are on an Iranian network as well. In that case there might be some network block. You’d need to post more details for one to be able to say what is possibly going on.


what kind of evidence can help in this case?

when we disable the cloudflare account, things goes back to normal and the site is accessible without any problem.


That depends on what you want to prove.

Your issue and the linked issue seem to be about addresses blocked in certain countries. There is nothing anyone could do about that, expect for the legislators of these countries.


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