Problem getting website Cookie

Hello everyone, good day.

It’s nice to say hello. I’m pretty new working with Cloudflare. Actually, I have a website developed with Drupal 8 on Cloudflare. We have created a particular custom module which creates a cookie that I need to use to get visitor information.

In fact, I have created a rule in first place for a specific page, which is bypassing cache.

However, I am not able to get that cookie on my frontend or backend code. Is there any additional configuration I have missed?? Or could it be any other particular security rule that I should set in order to allow my website to get that cookie value??

Addtional note:

I have tested my code on local and development environments and everything worked well. I have even tried on my production environment, pointing my local hosts file directly to the original production server IP and it continues working. So, I assume that the problem comes with any configuration we are not setting well on Cloudflare.

Thanks in advance for your help. I really appreciate it

Cloudflare typically does not tamper any cookie related information so it is very likely this simply is a server issue.

Whats the domain and which cookie do you expect at what point?

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