Problem: Freenom with Google host transfer to Cloudflare
I buy domain on Freenom - and create folder on Google drive with share link.
After this go to and connect DriveToWeb(Serverless Web Hosting)
After go to Freenom DNS MANAGEMENT and add CNAME 1800 (with link given from cut before and after how need)
After go to URL Forwarding in Managing and add all link given from ( Forward mode (Frame)
And Finally everything work but have one issue. Dr,Web Blok my web(Site without https).
Google recommend use CloudFlare CDN.
When i add CloudFlare CDN website crush and don’t work.
I try 5 days but can’t do. How can i do? Step by step. And it will be nice tutorial for question like this.

Currently, that domain is not using Cloudflare, and ‘www’ does not resolve.

You need to have everything working correctly before you add it to Cloudflare. That means you have SSL/HTTPS, and your CNAMEs work. Cloudflare is not going to fix a broken configuration.

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Yes. Now everything working correctly. Only https not on web because Freenom not support https. Now all config delete from Cloudflare and repair for link from . I want add Cloudflare because they give https. And i now waiting little tutorial how add Cloudflare from zero. Tutorial given from Google Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) :: DriveToWeb Docs but i can’t understand where i must add CNAME and TXT

Clearly, that’s not working correctly if you want https, but it doesn’t have https. As I said, Cloudflare is not going to fix a broken configuration.

For instructions on how to add a CNAME or TXT record, here is a tutorial:

I understand u. But more people who register domain can add https(like

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