Problem for access MX of mails


I have a problem with my MX DNS. Before of send all DNS for CloudFlare, my server of emails no work more in my website. Ok, the information is “this register exposes the addres of IP of orign”, but the “cloud” orange appears in register do type “A”, and they is actived.

How solve this?

Email-related hostname should be set to :grey:. Yes, you’ll have to expose the origin’s IP address, as Cloudflare does not proxy email and it needs a direct connection,.


The problem is solved now (it was just me creating this post and receiving responses, it worked). The steps indicated in the video were followed, and I was in the same situation at the end. The problem is that the page “” (for example), the result is “This page is offline”!

good if the video were in portuguese, because i am of Brazil and my english is bad…, but this problem is solved. Thanks a lot.

PS: You can block this topic, please?