Problem fetching images and new posts

I have tried creating a pin by saving from my websites on Pinterest. However, I get a prompt that Pinterest couldn’t fetch image. Triberr is not fetching new posts. Google Publisher also does not show any images.There also seems to be a problem with Bing. The URL is indicated as discovered but not crawled. I am not sure whether all these are related. I have noted that when I pause Cloudflare everything seems to work well. Kindly assist.

Hi, have you enabled Bot Fight Mode or Hotlink Protection? Try to disable it and try again.

Yes, I have enabled them. I would like to keep them enabled for my site. Is there a permanent solution to this problem?

You could whitelist the IP addresses in question under

Check out your firewall event log for the details on these requests.

I found this. Maybe you want to try it.

Thank you Keizha and Sandro for your help.

Pleasure, just a general suggestion, first check what exactly is blocked. Based on your description and how these sites work, that should not be hotlinking related in the first place.

As mentioned, the event log should provide you with insight on the issue.

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