Problem Error 524 connection timeout

Hello everyone, I have had this problem on my site for several months.

I have an online newspaper, where we publish pieces daily on news events and more.

The site was created with wordpress many years ago, and over the years there have been optimization works by many technicians.

This problem happens only in the back-end part, every time journalists publish pieces the site takes more than 100 seconds to load and gives that error message, causing the whole article to be lost once the page is reloaded.

I asked our hosting directly, and they told me that the servers have no problems and the databases as well.

I also added a script (I attach the script) that runs every half hour to try to overcome the problem, but it happens anyway.

I don’t know how to fix it anymore I ask you for help, thanks in advance.

Problem PHOTO:

Script Code:

// This script will run for long and will exceed more than 100 seconds.

// To make a fix, you need to send a header or data earlier than your "long-running process".
// sending a header to fix the error is currently impossible in PHP versions at the moment.

// sending a data.
$spacer_size = 30; // increment me until it works
echo str_pad('', (1024 * $spacer_size), "\n"); // send 8kb of new line to browser (default), just make sure that this new line will not affect your code.
// if you have output compression, make sure your data will reach >8KB.

if(ob_get_level()) ob_end_clean(); // end output buffering

echo "WOW, you waited me for 110 seconds.";

That precisely the issue. Your server needs to respond within 100 seconds.

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Hello yes I have already understood that the problem is this, my question is after having carried out all the checks I have listed, what else can I do to solve the problem?

If you can’t make sure the server responds faster, you can only unproxy the relevant DNS entry.

But disabling the proxy in the DNS section in this case, what would it entail? Less security on my site?

Not really, your site needs to be secure anyhow, however you would be using Cloudflare only for DNS.

Some have advised me to consider the Enterprise plan, as it allows you to have 10 minutes of waiting time instead of 100 seconds.
Since we have the free plan, how much would the enterprise plan cost?

The Enterprise plan goes for a four-digit number, mind you, US dollars.

I assume making sure the server responds faster is economically the better choice :slight_smile:

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So what would you advise me to do? Is there another workaround besides turning off the proxy?
because I’m really trying them all.

Thanks in advance

Making sure the server responds within 100 seconds.

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I reiterate the problem is only present in the back-end part of wordpress, outside of it the site regularly responds quickly.

What other tests can I do to see if my server can respond in less than 100 seconds?

I am afraid that is a question for your web developer or your host, Cloudflare cannot help here.


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