Problem error 1014

Good morning,
I entered the URL of my site into the Chrome address bar and when I clicked, this text appeared:

"CNAME Cross-User Banned
What happened?
You’ve requested a page on a website that is part of the Cloudflare network. The host is configured as a CNAME across accounts on Cloudflare, which is not allowed by Cloudflare’s security policy.

What can I do?
If this is an R2 custom domain, it may still be initializing. If you have attempted to manually point a CNAME DNS record to your R2 bucket, you must do it using a custom domain. Refer to R2’s documentation for details."

Visit our website to learn more about Cloudflare.

Can you tell me what the problem is?
Thank you

This error means you have a CNAME record pointing to another Cloudflare account.

Is this a new site added to Cloudflare or was it working before? Who is hosting your site? They may also be using Cloudflare and if so, may need to configure something at their end.

Good morning, when I enter the URL of my site in the address bar of Chrome, a page appears with “Error 1014”.
Thanks for your answer

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