Problem entering payment info, Authentication error


I am trying to add payment info to my account, (recently new where I host a few domains in free plan).
I added my Visa details from Spain. The first time the submit button got into the three dots ongoing but it took around 10 minutes with no other sign of progress so I logged off. (the browser was Edge)

Then logged in with Chrome browser, entered the details and now it’s giving “Authentication error (Code: 10000)” in a red strip at the bottom of the page.

Not sure what to do, not in a rush at all but maybe someone has a clue or has an interest in it.


So you can’t log in at all now? I presume you are posting here with a second account then, right?

It might be best to open a support ticket, if you can’t log in send an email to [email protected] from your account’s address.

Hi Sandro,

The problem I have is not logging in but entering my payment info. I have tried again and this time got this error:

“There is an issue with the payment information entered. Review and try again. (Code: 1201)”

But there’s no clue of what may be wrong in the form, I’d say I have everything OK. I will try again tomorrow, thanks!

Might be a temporary glitch, but I’ rather assume Cloudflare doesn’t like the payment for some reason. Considering you can log in, I’d simply open a support ticket and respond to any automated responses you might get. Support should be able to shed light on what the issue is. Alternatively you can try another form of payment if available.

Yes, it seems temporary, today I could enter the information flawlessly. Thanks!

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