Problem encountered while migrating DNS records

Hi all,

I registered a site and changed the nameservers from and ns2 to my assigned Cloudflare server names. Cloudflare displays success but after the change propagated I could no longer open my website (displays no IP address). It seems there are no further instructions on Cloudflare regarding this situation, and I was wondering what is wrong?

I changed back my servers to keep my website up but would still want to migrate to Cloudflare.


Perhaps Cloudflare had an issue automatically pulling your DNS records for you; Do you have DNS records under the DNS tab? If not, you could simply add them yourself, copying the record types and values from the original host…

Hi Shimi, I think I do have the records - screenshot attached with IP blurred.

Hi @encrypticon.w,

OK, seems that you do (at least for the non-www version of your domain, the www is not in the screenshot).

Right now your nameservers do not point to Cloudflare so I cannot test what Cloudflare is returning for them. Can you share your 2 Cloudflare-assigned nameservers?

Sure I have and

Just pointed nameservers to Cloudflare

Your site works for me with and without www (which redirects to www automatically), through Cloudflare; I can even see the “email protected” javascript challenge from Cloudflare applied on the page.

Further, I can see Cloudflare’s SSL working OK:

awesome! thank you so much! My friend verified it’s a setting with my VPN that’s setting a local DNS - thank you for help in this

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