Problem dns for start


my provider is aruba with two site cloudflare dns is ok but whith my provvider send me this reaply:
Nome del Server Dettagli Stato del Test
Nameservers list [heather.ns.cloudflarecom., jeff.ns.cloudflarecom.] different from NS Records: [melissa.ns.cloudflarecom., oswald.ns.cloudflarecom.]
Nameservers list [heather.nscloudflarecom., jeff.ns.cloudflarecom.] different from NS Records: [melissa.ns.cloudflarecom., oswald.ns.cloudflarecom.]

Di seguito riportiamo i dettagli dell’errore di configurazione:

Nameservers list [,] different from NS Records: [melissa.ns.cloudflarecom., oswald.ns.cloudflarecom.] Nameservers list [heather.ns.cloudflarecom., jeff.ns.cloudflarecom.] different from NS Records: [melissa.ns.cloudflarecom., oswald.ns.cloudflarecom.]

please help me i can t put nameserver italian nic stop.


What name servers does Cloudflare’s DNS settings page tell you to use for

I’m also going to page @Matteo because this might be easier to discuss in Italian.



Thank Scott, gonna try handling it from here! Seems a wrong pair of NS added to the registrar. Should be simple enough.

Ciao @restaurolandia,

da quello che leggo sembra che Cloudflare ti chieda di usare come NS: e, ma tu hai inserito e Mi stupisce che verifichi Name Server diversi da quelli che chiede.

Riesci a mandare uno screenshot della pagina dell’errore?


Your domain was added 2x by different accounts in the last few weeks. Both are in pending mode. At the moment we are answering for the first account which added it. If you have control of that account and can log in and delete the zone from your account you can then add it under the other.

Otherwise you will probably need to contact support as your registrar is checking to see what Cloudflare responds to and with 2 pending zones it is responding with the nameservers of the first added until one of them is verified.


Translating for @restaurolandia:

Just a question @cscharff: why does the registrar checks with Cloudflare? Shouldn’t that be all handled by CF internally? If you register the domain on a new account and can switch nameservers then the domain transfers? That’s as far I knew it, never tried nor had seen it happen.

Traducendo (quasi letteralmente):

Per la mia domanda non dovrebbe importarti, è più un curiosità mia!


I have seen this with .it in the past and .de has some other weird check we also sometimes fail. In both cases the answer is often to contact support with as much information as they can around the exact error.

CF declares wrong NS records and not pass DNS check

Yeah, the .it registrars are bad, really bad. I have only .com and .io as mains (except one, which I had no options…).


cosa devo fare?


i enter this
is stupid i know but register accept(i do not know this two)
then when is ok (the site i m sure go down)
i put the correct


no works


i resolve I find a old account and I put the old nameserver. I forgot much time ago I create a old account cloadflare and I leave pendending .
tnks for all.


Puoi se vuoi spostarlo sul nuovo account eliminandolo da quel vecchio account e aggiungendolo al nuovo…


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