Problem deleting my web

Hi, when i try to delete my page this message appears: An unknown error occurred saving data. (Code: 503). What can i do? I need to delete it quick.

500 errors, such as the 503, are from your web host not letting Cloudflare connect. You’d have to check with your host for what’s blocking Cloudflare.

If you need to hide that page in a hurry, add a Cloudflare Page Rule to redirect that URL to your home page.

I need to delete it full, but i checked all and nothing is blocking Cloudflare.

How are you deleting it?

You can also try: Go to for your domain and look at the Overview page. Click on Advanced and “Pause” website. This might stop the 503 error.

It’s exactly how I’m doing it.

I also have the same problem that iIlan.martinez I can not delete my page. I also get the error 503

Okey, let´s see if we can solve that.

Hey, do you know how can i delete my web? Is very urgent please.

I have the same problem. I can not delete and display error 503.

Okey guys, i think it was a temporaly error, i deleted the domain. Thanks to all for the support.

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