Problem creating a DNS of type CNAME

Good evening, I am new to the forum but not to Cloudflare, but I have a problem that is eating my head.

I am trying to create a DNS of the CNAME type which is giving me the error “DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for CNAME record is invalid.” all the time.

Other times it did let me do these DNS but this time I want to do it for a Google form and I can’t. I have already searched for information on the forum, but nothing helped me or I am completely useless.

I leave a photo as proof of what I want but it won’t let me do it.

That’s not how a CNAME is used.

What you want is shown at Redirecting One Domain to Another. Simply adjust the record name.

Ok, i try it but after more than 30 minutes, dont work.

You don’t seem to have set up the DNS record.

Ohh, sorry, its my fault. I set-up the “www” and “@” like the tutorial but i dont do it with “apelaciones”. I do it now and work :smiley:.

Thank you for this fast help.

You actually only need apelaciones. If you didn’t use the other two records before, you don’t need to set them up.

Yes, i see i need only “apelaciones” but in the future i need set-up again “www” and “@” but no problem.

Sure, if you need these two hostnames as well, then you need them as well.

apelaciones should resolve now and the redirect should be working.

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