Problem connecting to sites

Hi, I have a login issue with all sites using Cloudflare’s anti-bot security.
There is no mistake, the only thing is that it runs in a loop without me being able to access the site. All sites with this protection forbids me access.
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Are you hitting captcha challenges or Turnstile?


You may want to disable extensions, in particular any ad blockers.

These are capcha challenges. And I don’t have a Ad blocker.

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Thank you. It seems like you’re stuck in Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA loop. Normally, this happens due to various reasons like certain browser extensions, VPN usage, or your IP address being flagged as suspicious. As a starting point, you can try disabling VPN or any browser extensions temporarily. If this doesn’t work, your best course of action is to contact the owners of the websites you’re trying to access since they set the security rules that Cloudflare enforces.

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