Problem connecting 000webhost Freenom Cloudflare

I’ve tried several different methods as well as the only tutorial method uploaded on YT in 2017 with no luck. My goal is to have this domain display my while still keep the benefits of Cloudflare’s protection and SSL certification.
Thank you

Did you try this tutorial from

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We offer SSL/HTTPS with the free subdomain 000webhostapp :slight_smile:
If you wanted to use Cloudflare alongside our services you’d need to use it with your domain

Add your domain to Cloudflare, ensure two CNAME records are left values @ and WWW both pointing to your, add to our panel and it will be linked successfully :slight_smile:

Ensure to update your script to use your custom domain in place of our free subdomain.

Checkout this post - Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice


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