Problem configuration ssl comodo certificate with cloudflare


I have a problem with config ssl comodo with cloudflare.
I have an error
Error 525 Ray SSL handshake failed.
My ssl certificate is correctly configured since it works if I disable cloudflare.
I think it’s a DNS problem.
Does someone have an idea.
You will find below my current dns configuration.

Thank you


Your server’s SSL certificate looks good.

Is your SSL setting on the Cloudflare Crypto page set to Full (Strict)? That should work.


Thank you for your reply.
Yes my site is in full strict and I still can not find an explanation


seems like your origin server’s SSL certificate hasn’t been properly configured as you have SSL intermediate/chain issues according to


That’s interesting, as Chrome doesn’t seem to mind.

If that’s the case, why not try for Full (not strict) SSL? Or bite the bullet and try to straighten out the server’s cert.

There’s also the possible option of installing a Cloudflare Origin Certificate, which will be valid as long as the site is proxied by Cloudflare.


Hello everyone
Thanks it works now, I confirm that there was a problem of ssl
Thank you


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