Problem changing the email for super admin


I am trying to change the super admin email which is straight forward.

Login -> Go to the Top right corner -> My Profile -> Change Email.
When I try to do this it keeps giving me an error message email already in use.
[[email protected]] - Super Admin
[[email protected]] - User 1
[[email protected]] - User 2

New super admin email - [email protected]

What does that mean. I made sure that the email is not used in the members area. All the 3 members I have is the super admin email, and 2 other emails for 2 different people.

I just want to simply change the super admin email to a specific email in my company.
[email protected] => [email protected]

The email I am trying to use was used as a super admin email in the past, but I changed it temporarily and the system doesn’t let me change it back. Is it possible that it is cached in the system of Cloudflare. I have a ticket open since 10 days.

Can anyone please share if they came across a scenario like this.

Thank you,


Thanks for writing in regarding your issues with changing your super admin email. Please contact us at [email protected] and we can help you do this.


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