Problem after upgrading to Cloudflare WP plugin 3.8.5

I’m trying to isolate a problem. I suspect it started after upgrading my Cloudflare plugin from 3.8.3 to 3.8.5. Let me back up. I’m running an Amazon Lighsail Bitnami Wordpress instance, which uses Ubuntu 16.04, although the file sctructure is definitely not standard. So recently I upgraded the Cloudflare plugin and shortly afterwards, maybe a day or so, the site was down. I was still able to ssh to the server, but the web site was just showing the Cloudflare error page. Eventually I restored a backup from before the change to a new instance and things were working again. I then upgraded the plugins again, and sure enough a day or so later the site was down. Eventually I couldn’t even access ssh. I restored the backup again, and have not upgraded to Cloudflare 3.8.5 yet. So far so good.

My questions are:

  1. Are there any known problems with 3.8.5? Anyone else having trouble after upgrading?
  2. If this ends up happening again before I update the plugin, then does anyone have any other ideas where to look next?
  3. Is there any advantage to installing mod_remoteip if I have the plugin installed?


I suspect it isn’t 3.8.5 that is the problem, and that was coincidental. I restored a backup that pre-dated my upgrade to 3.8.5 and didn’t do the update, and it went down again.

As such, while I try to figure out what is wrong, I’d still like to figure out if installing mod_remoteip is still beneficial if the Cloudflare plugin is installed.

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