Problem Adding Payment Method - Billing

The support I created 1 month ago is still open and there has been no response. ( #3244513 )
I switched from Pro package to Free package and the bills were paid. Later, money was withdrawn and returned every month and things got complicated. So I canceled my card. I can’t upgrade to the Pro package right now and I can’t make changes to my project. I’m getting a Blocked Account warning.
I want to change the payment method and add a new card, but I get an error there too.

There was 1 unpaid invoice. I contacted the bank and checked that the payment was made. I request that my account transactions and payments be checked and the blockage on my account be removed.
Thank you.

I see my colleague has escalated 3244513 to our Trust & Safety team. The team will need to assist you on your ticket.

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It is forwarded to the Trust and Security team and the ticket is closed. There is no feedback. I created notification #3244513 1 month ago.
Will this check take longer?

Thank you

The problem persists. There was no return.

I have no outstanding debts. I’ve been waiting for a return call for about 2 months. If the problem cannot be solved, let me know. I will finish my projects safely.
Thank you for your interest.

There was no return. My account is blocked. I don’t know why, I don’t have any unpaid bills. I cannot take any action.


This is with our Trust & Safety team they should have reached out to you via email. You would need to work with them to remedy this issue. Can you confirm you got an email from them?

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I didn’t receive any email.

Topic is active. There was no return. I’ve been waiting for a return call for about 3 months.

It went on for months. I don’t want to wait anymore.
I want to upgrade my membership, I want to invest, but my account is blocked. And this problem is not caused by me.

Hello, I cannot add a payment method. My problem has been going on for months. My account is blocked.