Problem adding Pagecloud CNAME to Cloudflare DNS

After pointing my domain from the name registrar to Cloudflare nameservers, I now have a problem adding Pagecloud (the host) CNAME to Cloudflare dns manager.

My domain now gives me a 1016 error

That error typically means you have created the DNS entries incorrectly. Specifically, that you created a CNAME with an incorrect value.

Pagecloud’s instructions are here. They ask you to create 3 DNS entries. Did you follow these instructions?

If you can either tell us your domain name, or post a screenshot of your DNS entries from the Cloudflare dashboard, we can probably spot the error.

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Hi, Thank you.

Well, Hover is my registrar I pointed the name servers to Cloudflare looking for more domain security and options. Cloudflare picked up the first 2 Pagecloud entries on is own but noty the 3rd wich is the CNAME entry. When I tried to manually enter it I got this error: An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists and evanlrees is an alias of proxy2pagecloudcom and has its traffic proxied through Cloudflare. The site went down and gave me the 1016 Cloudflare 404 error when I would try to het the site.

I need the site up so I changed the Hover nameserver settings back to Hover itself so that I could mange from the Hover DNS manager. Site is back up. Left the email settings for that domain at Cloudflare so I need to move them back to Hover as well. Not sure what do about Cloudflare at this point.

Here is what I had:

Let me know your thoughts?


Your DNS entries there have four A records for the root domain. The two that Pagecloud wants are the first two. I don’t know why the other two are there but they should be deleted.

The www CNAME entry is completely wrong. The content should be

The email entries are a whole other thing and you would get the appropriate values from your email provider. It looks like that www entry was a failed attempt to create one of the email records but nothing about it is right even for that purpose. Replace its content as above.

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The CNAME I sent you was minus periods. It was the only way I get the email send. It is correct in the DNS manager of Hover.

The other 2 A records were put there by the Hover connect manager which is like a connect wizard to some platforms. Pagecloud included.

I just did a Whois on the other 2 A records. They connect to Amazon so I’m sure they are for the e-commerce piece of pagecloud.

The extra A records don’t look wrong, but they don’t match Pagecloud’s instructions. It’s possible they just don’t want to tell people to add 4 records for the root so they only give the two. In any case, they are not what’s keeping your site from working.

The www CNAME is the reason your site doesn’t work with this configuration. It must have its value replaced with

It’s possible that your email provider wants you to create a CNAME with a name of selector2._domainkey, with content of something, but the entry you have is not that. You should check again with your email provider to see what they need for your DKIM record (which is what that is probably trying to be). Whatever it is, it won’t have anything to do with a www name.

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