Problem adding new site to cloudflare

Hi community, just a quick question -I have seen a lot of posts for “Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information” and what I read on the community says it was a transient error and has been fixed, but it’s happening today. I am trying to add a .GA domain, which I have used that prefix here for well over a year, and I have never seen this error. I ran
which returned the nameservers correctly. Is it because I haven’t changed the nameservers to point to cloudflare before attempting to add it and they are still and

This is not correct. It’s an ongoing problem.

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I am not sure how old this problem is, as I only recently registered another Freenom domain using the .ML extension, and added domain to cloudflare without any problems on the same day. I only removed my old .ga domain from cloudflare a few months ago, so could be it that freenom are just slow at propagating whois records, or could it be that the domain I am trying to add has only 5 letters in the domain name? I read some replies on the community to similar problems and the suggestion was just to register a proper domain, like a .com that might be the way to go. Has anyone used other cloud based caching/ssl providers or do you think cloudflare is the best?

A little more digging, and I have discovered the problem appears to be with cloudflare, as shows the domain and details of another freenom domain that I used to have on cloudflare. my other domain, was on my cloudflare account until a couple of months ago until I removed it, but now I can not re-add it back onto the account. Even tried changing the ns to cloudflare ones and still no luck. Do you know if maybe cloudflare have stopped allowing people to add new ‘tropical’ tlds in the past few months or possibly, has cloudflare changed the way it looks up the whois information? allows tropical TLD and does not support those TLD?

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