Problem adding my domain

Tengo un ticket abierto 2275701 {redacted}

I trying add my domain in Cloudflare right now, but I don’t able add on. When I add domain, I get this message: “Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains.”

My domain is ( is not on the Public Suffix List so Cloudflare assumes is a subdomain. I can’t find anywhere you can register a domain so that’d explain why it’s not on the list.

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I added to the Public Suffix List and got the following reply:

This now seems like it is just being requested to get around cloudflare’s rate limits

Who said this?

in the github repository Add by lala1997 · Pull Request #1413 · publicsuffix/list · GitHub.

I don’t know what to do!!! now…

The link from @dnsguru on the PSL forum wrt third party diffusion references rate limiting

A special note to operating systems, social media giants, and other companies, projects or vendors who introduce rate limits and refer people to resolve their issue via the PSL:

WRT the comment on Add by lala1997 · Pull Request #1413 · publicsuffix/list · GitHub

That’s because the use of the PSL to validate verified TLD is unrelated to rate limiting.

Did you follow up on this suggestion from @dnsguru?

Reached out to for comment - IF this is to be under their entry in the ICANN section, they'll need to have validated / verified this.
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