Problem adding my domain to Cloudflare

Hello! I’m having trouble adding my domain to Cloudflare. The error is
“You attempted to add this domain too many times within a short period. Wait at least 3 hours and try adding it again."
i’ve never tried to add this domain to cloudflare before.
any help will be appropriated…

Were you able to add the domain after waiting the amount of time specified?

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After 12 hours still facing the same error.

I really don’t understand.I have 2 registered domain on my account . why can’t i add this one? wired thing is i’ve never tried to add this domain, in fact just after 1 hour the reseller told me it’s online, i tried to add it on cloudflare and that’s what I get. an annoying error…
any thoughts?

Sorry for the issues, you could try from an incognito mode and/or different browser but if the message did not clear after a few hours, I doubt incognito mode will make a difference.

Assuming incognito does not help, can you open an account ticket and share your ticket number here?

You can open an Account ticket here,

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I tried incognito mode last night, same error
tried different browser today , same error
Even set the nameservers of my new domain to my cloudflare’s account, same error

I really don’t know what to do …
Screenshot 2024-04-04 040706

Just tied to open a ticket ,
" Customers on our **Free plans can only submit tickets for billing, account, and registrar issues** . For technical issues, complete this form to receive relevant diagnostics and documentation you can use to help resolve your issue."

So i cannot open a ticket. it just suggest to post my problem on community or show me some Recommended Resources which are irrelevant .

This seems like an account issue. I created 3211280 on your behalf and will flag it for my colleagues in Support, Sorry for the ongoing issues,

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by the way this is my domain :

Hi @jabi7james

I have taken the ticket that has been created for you, so we will continue the communication in the ticket.


Hi @jabi7james

I will close this post as the domain is now active in your account.

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