Problem adding cloudflare to gamecp

hello guys
I have hosted on my server a game control script (gamecp)
In order to protect main server from ddos i want to add Cloudflare but when i add the dns
A IP and click the cloud to be orange for activate the protection the site isn’t working anymore it logs me out and i can’t use it
When the cloud is grey it works.
How can i solve to bee protected but also gamecp work ok?

Do you know which port that game control script goes through? Is it Port 80 or 443?

Now i m using 80 (http)
This îs link to the panel now i dezactivated the protection

Since you’re currently bypassing Cloudflare, there’s nothing we can check on.

You don’t have an SSL certificate for that site?

When you set it to :orange:, did you set Cloudflare to use HTTPS for that site?

No i don’t set https for that site
I set the protection :orange: now you can check,
When cloud is :grey: when i login it works it looks like
When cloud is :orange: when i login it doesn’t work and it looks like

That second image shows it’s still “Loading…”

If you open up Dev Tools in your browser, do you see any Console errors?

Yes there’s some errors look here

up somebody?

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