Problem adding Application in Zero Trust Dashboard

I’m new to Cloudflare, so I’m unsure if I’m doing something wrong.
Last week I created a Cloudflare tunnel to access a few services without exposing them from my IP and opening ports. It’s working great. I added the respective subdomains in the Public Hostnames page for the tunnel, CNAMEs were created automatically and I can access them without a problem.
After that I decided to add an extra layer of security by defining them as Applications and requiring some authentication. That too went without a hitch and I currently have 5 Applications defined and working as intended/expected behind a Cloudflare autentication request (OTP).
Yesterday I installed a new service, made the respective Public Hostname in the Tunnel page and confirmed I could access it. So far so good.
But I can’t seem to add it as an Application. I go through the entire process and at the end it shows the “Application Successfully Configured” bubble in the upper right corner, but the Application never shows up in the list.
Access to the domain is also not blocked by an OTP prompt, so my guess is the configuration is being completely discarded, as opposed to a simple delay in showing up on the dashboard.
I tried finding if there’s an Application limit for free account, but couldn’t find any.
I can edit any of the existing configurations and the changes are saved, so I’m unsure if it is some account limit, something specific to this Application (though I followed the same steps) or some Zero Trust Dashboard issue.
Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated.