Problem accessing my site after setting up cloudflare with SSL Fullstrict


I have recently set up my site that is hosted by dreamhost to work with Cloudflare. I have a professionally signed certificate there and yet whenever I turn on full strict under the SSL settings I get a cypher mismatch error and can not access my site. I have had to pause the site on Cloudflare for now and it is working again.

My site is

Your TLS certificate probably hasn’t been issued. On the Crypto page, what’s the Status in the SSL section?

My page doesn’t really have a status that I can see. Because Dreamhost is a partner of Cloudflare there are some settings I don’t seem to see, particularly the DNS bit. But here is a screen shot from my crypto page.

Considering the error message, and that there’s no Edge Certificate, it looks broken.

You can try going to the bottom of that screen to click Disable Universal SSL, then wait ten minutes, then enable it again. If that doesn’t fix it, to login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Thanks I tried disabling Universal SSL and re enabling and it seemed to work. Not sure if the certificate had issued itself in the meantime or not, but thanks for the tip!

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