Problem accessing Cloudflare

Hello guys.
I’m getting a timeout when accessing Cloudflare in an India’s region. Accessing a S3 bucket directly that is behind the Cloudflare work as expected but accessing it from the Cloudflare does not work.

The public IP Address where I am trying to access is

What do you think that might be the problem?
I’ve submitted a request in the Cloudflare support but It has been 6 days without any answer… The ticket number is #1627555

Thank you for the help

What kind of timeout? Can you post a screenshot and the associated domain?

The timeout is really a timeout using Curl and accessing the Cloudflare url.

For example accessing returns a timeout but accessing directly the S3 bucket work as expected

The nslookup that I’ve run gave me this:

Server: UnKnown

Non-authoritative answer:
Addresses: 2606:4700:30::6812:2cb4

What do you think can be the problem?

The problem is when I’m accessing from the following IP Address based in India:

Can you post the exact output you receive from the cURL command? If it is a real timeout there might be a network issue. If it is a “Cloudflare timeout”, you can reach Cloudflare but they cant reach your AWS instance for some reason.

I’m also facing problem accessing Cloudflare. 502 Bad Gateway is coming even while I try to access Cloudflare community.

we are also facing same issue with our websites hosted on Azure.
its giving 502-Bad Gateway error from Cloudflare.

It works for me.

The others that are having issues it might help to know where you are accessing from.

It is a real timeout. Also, doing a GET request in the browser to both addresses: the S3 bucket works but the Cloudflare one never answers back. Trying to get the cURL command output @sandro but I think the IP address must be blocked somehow by Cloudflare.

Here @corey1 the location.

Browser? I thought you are talking about a CLI call, where there is presumably no browser.

You need to provide the requested details, otherwise it is impossible to say anything.

Here once more a full list of what you should post.

  • Output of the cURL call
  • Browser screenshots of
  • Output of ping
  • Output of nslookup

Perhaps this helps explain the situation in India:

Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
Jan 24, 14:14 UTC

Investigating - Cloudflare is observing network performance issues in Southeast Asia region due to problems in the Singapore point of presence.

We are working to mitigate impact to Internet users in this region.
Jan 24, 10:40 UTC


@sandro here is more information about the problem.

nslookup and ping

accessing directly to the S3 Bucket, that works

Could not get the browser screen shots

Public IP Address

Trace Route



What do you think that could be the problem? Thank you for the help.

Maybe a firewall on your machine (also an Anti-virus software many times includes a firewall nowdays) or close network?

Try a TCP traceroute to that host and port 443 (this is different from a regular traceroute which is usually ICMP-based on Windows an UDP-based on Linux)

You seem to be able to reach Cloudflare, however the TCP connection appears to fail for some reason.

I’d try to rule out any local network security measures (e.g. firewall, router, etc.) and once you are absolutely sure the issue is not on your side I’d open a support ticket.

Hi @cloonan, could you please also help me with this ticket? I’ve checked that is not only in one machine and the problem seems to be in different offices. I’ve asked for informations such as if they use the same ISP and have the same antivirus. Getting back when I have more information. Thank you.

Hi @api1, I see your tickets, added some detail and merged both into 1629835.

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