Problem about FTP


We use Cloudflare zero trust and have problem with upload file via ftp. It can upload to the server, success status, but the file size is not the same as the original. Please someone help.



May I ask which FTP software are you using and if it’s set to “Binary” for transfer type? :thinking:

Also, due to my curiosity, may I ask if you’re connecting to the FTP hostname which is unproxied and set to :grey: (DNS-only) or rather to the one which is proxied :orange:? Otherwise, maybe you’re connecting directly to the IP?

And just in some cases, I’d like to ask, for some reason, I wonder if you’re running some anti-malware software like Imunify360 or similar which could trim the uploaded file if it thinks the file contains some malicious code.

Does it continue to happen once you’ve disconnet and not using CF ZT?

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We use Winscp (Binary for transfer type) program for test. and my computer only has windows defender firewall.

We don’t use DNS records because in CF ZT (access > applications > private network) there is a private network mode. Am I misunderstanding? Please advise.

Our additional tests
If we tested with vpn (currently used in my organization). We don’t have this problem.