Problem 504 Gateway Timeout

More than 24 hours ago I place my website behind the cloudflare DNS. I assumed that errors would be temporary. After 24 hours the following error gives very repeatedly.

Gateway Time-Out Error Code 504
Visit for more information.
2024-05-03 04:29:36 UTC

I have proven the DNS at but the values it throws are different from those that it has given me cloudflare.

Cloudflare has provided these (only the name, I configured the IP solving with ping) [] []

In the values are quite different. The web is in case you want to see it, but basically it gives me 4 dns


That could be happening? I don’t think it’s replication time after 24 hours, I know it may take longer but it’s quite strange.

Your domain appears to be configured and mostly working, but intermittently not…

Make sure that none of the Cloudflare IP ranges are blocked from accessing your server.

Also check that if you have more than one record (A or AAAA) pointing to your server, that they are all correct.

This is normal, IPs can very between regions and over time.

Hello! thanks for your post.

The configurations I have at the hosting level are only the Cloudflare DNS

When I created the account in cloudflare yesterday, it scanned the DNS I had and incorporated them into its DNS with the following fields, setting the proxy status to “proxied”

Type A name content 217.x.x.x Proxy status Proxied TTL Auto

Type A Name www Content 217.x.x.x Proxy status Proxied TTL Auto

Type CNAME Name * Content Proxy status Proxied

Should I delete these DNS? All or just type A? I clarify that they are DNS imported from my hosting and we are talking about Cloudflare. On my hosting there is only Cloudflare DNS.

The website was put behind cloudflare 24 hours ago, could it take a while to propagate and if I wait another 24 hours it will be resolved?

Again thank you very much for your help.

PS: My public IP is not on the blocklist, it is 92.x.x.x, I save the tool for future checks :wink:

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