Problem (502 or 522) loading some files and images


Good Morning! I’m having trouble uploading some files and some images the moment I enter a few pages. I have this problem on 2 clients, both are hosted on Locaweb. I contacted them, and they GUARANTEED me that there is no blocking on their part.
But if you access the link: (do not open) (open)

I imagine it could be because the “?V=1” was requested along with several other files and at this point it took the request a bit or there was a lock in Locaweb (they told me that there is not this lock). But if you make the request in isolation with the “?V=1”, in this case, it works.
I imagine that when the request is made and it returns error, this error gets cached, or something like that.

The other project is in this link:
Always have some thumbnail that does not load, returning error 502 or 522. Ex:

I’ve tried to disable SSL, but the same problem occurs.

Please, can you help me?



I’m with de same problem. Can anyone help us?