Prob with wordpress not connected

Just getting an issue with adding a post on a wordpress site .
when i click publish , i am getting this error

Publishing failed. You are probably offline.

Could someone help? it is not my server issue. the server told me to get in touch with the dev

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I have the same issue. Any solution?

Hi @user1464 and @novathewriter2,

If you pause Cloudflare, does the issue remain? If it works then, try development mode to see if it’s a caching issue, if it still doesn’t work then it’s not a Cloudflare issue.

Yes. Pausing cloudflare solves the problem. How do i try development mode?

There is a toggle on the overview page, re-enable Cloudflare and toggle development mode on. Wait a few minutes and try again to see if the issue remains.

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In rare event I have noticed some issues with /wp-json/ path getting blocked, so I did whitelist and it fixed.

Check Cloudflare Firewall log and take action accordingly.

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Thank you so much, development mode really helped. It’s all fine now.

That means it’s a caching issue, you probably have a cache everything rule that covers your admin area. You should either disable that or edit your rules to bypass the cache for that part of your site.


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